Challenge #1

muerto summer challenge 2013

The challenge is to complete a continuous bike ride from Virden to Falcon Lake, or vice versa, using only gravel roads while traveling west/east; or run from Winnipeg to Falcon Lake also using the same guidelines regarding roads. But it is not only a ride  it is also about telling your story, for your attempt to count you must also supply words and pictures of your ride/run.

There is also a Lite version of the challenge which will be Virden to Winnipeg for cyclists and La Broquerie to Falcon for the runners

At the end of summer we’ll arrange a barbeque for all those who completed or started the challenge.

Cost to participate in this awesomeness: $0

(More information will be posted over the next two months)


  1. This challenge is based on honesty and integrity, adhere to the guidelines or risk being called a Lance by the rest of us 
  2. You must declare your ride or run at least two days prior to your attempt via an online form on the Operacion Muerto blog
  3. You will need to agree to and accept the waiver stating that you are doing this under your own volition and that you understand the risks
  4. You can ride solo or as a group, just declare your intention. If you ride solo but with other people try not to draft (not a big deal for the runners but it is with the cyclists), truly make it a solo effort. Ride as a group and have a great time, enjoy the adventure
  5. This is a self supported venture, no calling for help (“can you bring me a chain, I am at…”), you must get there under your own power and by your own devices. You can accept help from fellow cyclists. You can purchase items along the way if you need them but you cannot phone family and friends to bring you things during the ride. You can cache water and other supplies along your route ahead of time (mostly applicable to the runners) but this must me done by you, the person who is attempting the ride/run.
  6. This is to be a continuous ride/run and must be made in one attempt. There is no time limit but you can only stop for 8 hours every 24 hours (16 hours of running or riding and then an over night of no more than 8 hours for example). If you stop for more than 8 hours your ride is done. There are no extended stops (no more than 2 hours) for the Lite challenge
  7. You can only use gravel roads while traveling East or West. The exception is Dawson road East of 40 (near Richer)
  8. You can use paved roads if your are going North/South in order to connect an East/West gravel road section.
  9. You can use paved roads within 1.6 kms of entering and leaving any town you travel through, and within the town of course.
  10. You can used paved roads within the perimeter of Winnipeg but not the perimeter highway
  11. You can use paved roads leading to a bridge (which can also be paved) but you must enter the paved road just before the bridge and exit immediately after
  12. You can use the Trans Canada Highway between Highway 308 (East Braintree) and Falcon Lake
  13. You must document your ride or run and provide pictures and description of your adventure. This will be recorded on the Operacion Muerto site – this is after all also a talking organization. Your ride attempt will not be posted if you do not submit a minimum of 15 pictures and 200 – 400 words describing the entire ride or one part of the ride. Your pictures and words may be used for a small film
  14. You only get one attempt at it – make it count

  1. I’m already planning for this insanity.

  2. Wow. This sounds awesome

  3. Hey, I live on Vancouver Island and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I copied your event. I think it would work great out here on the island.


    1. Absolutely. That would be great. Let us know how it goes.

  4. […] Dallas, and I went for a ride on Saturday, a little reconnaissance for the Muerto Summer Challenge. Dallas had to pull out earlier than he wanted but still got in a 80km ride. Dan and I managed […]

  5. Hello,

    I wondered why you did not respond to my request, now I see that you have deleted my message. This is your blog and you may censor it as you like, but I see that the previous comments are left unmolested. I appreciated the spirit of the event which is one of the reasons I wished to have a go. Perhaps I offended you in someway that was not obvious to me by making said request. None was intended. Side note, tomorrow is the first of May and there is still no way to declare our trip with two days notice.

    Kind regards,


    1. My mistake AC. Sorry for this, did not mean to delete you previous comment.

      The challenge form is now open, you can find it here: I am getting around to doing a post.

  6. […] whenever the participant decides to do it over the summer. I am talking about Operacion Meurto. [] It”s a 450 km journey across Manitoba, and a person has to complete it in two days. Crazy, […]

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Lonely Stage Challenge Rules

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ride alone (original rule) – NO EXCEPTIONS – okay one exception, you can ride with someone you are isolated with, but no drafting. Updated rule – You can “ride” with one other but must keep the 2 meter physical distance when riding side by side, and 4 meters inline.
  2. There are 4 stages, you need to complete all 4 stages, unless you don’t want to (you can be like one of those specialist riders in the tour de france riders)
  3. You only get 1 attempt at each stage
  4. Start May 8 and finish by June 19
  5. Record your time for each stage, combine all 4 stage times for your overall time.
  6. Use whatever you want to record your time.
  7. Solo rides prefered (except with iso-friends), try not announce your ride days and start times.
  8. If you encounter another “competitor” on the course drop them, or get dropped
  9. Don’t cheat or bend the rules, if you do you’re a dick, don’t be a dick.

See the above post for more info.

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