The Crowd-Source Challenge

Part 1: Go out and explore the backroads, gravel roads, trails, and forest roads of southeastern Manitoba (including Ontario and Minnesota). This area includes anything east of Seven Sisters Falls, north  of Warroad Minnesota, south of Pinawa, and west of Kenora. Plan an adventure  and ride a course of your choosing, along the way find some points of interest. When you are done share it and make it part of the overall larger challenge.

This ride can start anytime, now (if you want) or it can be ride you have already completed. As soon as you have completed this ride send us a short description of the route completed, it should include the following:

  1. The length of your ride should be between 100 and 200km in length but can be longer if you want
  2. Only 10% of your route can be on pavement (try and stick to this as close possible).
  3. It can involve an overnight stop
  4. Select a minimum of 3 waypoints on your route, take pictures of those waypoints
  5. Provide a GPS of your route or indicate using a mapping tool like Ride With GPS, Google Maps, or similar, submit that map along with the photos of your waypoints
  6. As soon as enough routes have been collected along with the and waypoints collected the official challenge will be launched

Part 2: As soon as there enough waypoints collected a table will posted with four columns listing the various waypoints. We’ll also create a map that shows all the routes ridden. To actually ride or run Challenge #5 you will select a waypoint from each group in the table and create your own challenge ride. Once you have your route selected declare your challenge and the waypoints you are including in your ride. Upon completion of your ride submit your story and pictures.


  1. This challenge is meant to be an adventure, it is not a race
  2. You must declare your ride or run at least two days prior to your attempt via an online form on the Operacion Muerto site
  3. You will need to agree to and accept the waiver stating that you are doing this under your own volition and that you understand the risks
  4. You can ride/run solo or as a group
  5. This is a self supported venture, no calling for help (“can you bring me a chain, I am at…”), you must get there under your own power and by your own devices. You can accept help from fellow cyclists and runners. You can purchase items along the way if you need them but you cannot phone family and friends to bring you things during the ride. You can cache water and other supplies along your route ahead of time (mostly applicable to the runners) but this must me done by you
  6. Respect the land and wildlife, pack out your garbage, and boil or treat water before drinking.
  7. This is to be a continuous ride/run and must be made in one attempt. There is no time limit but you cannot leave the course and continue it on another day
  8. You can only use gravel roads unless otherwise stated by the individual challenge
  9. You can use paved roads within 1.6 kms of entering and leaving any town you travel through, and within the town of course unless otherwise stated.
  10. You can use paved roads leading to a bridge (which can also be paved) but you must enter the paved road just before the bridge and exit immediately after. If you are riding/running Challenge #4 or #5 some additional paved road is permitted, see those challenges for more details
  11. You must document your ride or run and provide pictures and an essay of your adventure. This will be recorded on the Operacion Muerto site – this is after all also a talking organization. Your ride attempt will not count if you do not submit a minimum of 15 pictures and 200 words describing the entire ride or one part of the ride.