Just start off and then the adventure carries you away.

If I only had to sum up Challenge # 4 in 10 words or less, that is what I would say: “Just start off and then the adventure carries you away.”  That is really all I needed to do.  You see, the beginning of July was when I started to think about an Operacion Muerto Challenge.  Many nights, after I would go to bed, I would lie awake thinking about it.  The glow of my iPad would frustrate my husband as I mapped out my route.  I thought about my lack of gear and what I would need.  Then there were the “what ifs”, so many “what ifs” and also the reality of having to do this ride solo.  I somehow worked through all of this and on the morning of Monday, August 7, 2017 it was go time.

My gear was packed sitting on the garage floor waiting for me.  My kids were leaving for a week long road trip to Mount Rushmore with my parents.  My kind loving husband who said there was no way in hell he was doing this bike trip, chose to go to work, instead of joining me.  The plan was to leave at 9 am but instead doubt overtook me and I began talking myself out of doing it.  Finally after two hours of sitting on my comfy green chair flip flopping about going or not going, Dan told me to shit or get off the pot.  He told me I would regret not at least trying.  He assured me that I could physically do it and that my determination, drive and stubbornness would not allow me to quit.  He loaded my mountain bike into the car as I put all my gear in and off I went.  Thanks Dan for giving me the push I needed.

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