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Challenge #5: the Crowd-Sourced Adventure



This time around we need your help to build a challenge. How does this work? Well, the challenge is based on two parts, part one which is where you tell us about a ride you did in southeastern Manitoba, and and part two where you build your own challenge based on those contributions.

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Looks like some runners are going to try Challenge #3, really looking forward to see how it goes for them. Until they finish their run and post their stories and since there is nothing else in the Muerto story hopper at the moment, here is a run down of some bikepacking that I did in South Dakota.

For about a year or so I have been thinking about doing the Black Hills Expedition, a 430 mile bikepacking race that takes you through South Dakota and a bit of Wyoming. I couldn’t make the grand depart date in September so I decided to come out in August and try an ITT, a week before Laura’s marathon which was also in South Dakota.  Continue reading “Not MUERTO”

Facts and Impressions – Challenge #3, the 2nd Attempt

This was my second attempt at Challenge #3. In my first attempt with Pete I (we) failed miserably when Mother Nature decided to throw some nasty weather our way. It did not work to attempt it again last year but a weekend opened up suddenly this year and I decided to give it another try. I quickly got my gear together, picked a different bike than last year (more later), arranged to take an afternoon off from work and headed southwest to Morden to start my second attempt at this challenge.

I am calling this post “Facts and Impressions” hopefully present some factual information about the ride that others can use as well as some impressions of what I found on the ride.

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Get out and explore Manitoba on your bike and then tell us about your adventure. Go to the Challenges page and select a challenge. When you are ready declare your start, pack up you bike, get the camera ready and head out; let us know when you are done and we’ll set up so you can share your adventure with the rest of us.

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Not Exactly Manitoba

On May 25th Dan and I left for Glasgow to participate in the Highlands 550, a 550 mile bikepacking race through the Scottish Highlands. It is probably better to call it, as described on the event page, an individual time trial through some of the best country the highlands has to offer. Below are some pictures, a couple of links, and a few words of what we experienced.

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Challenge #4


Waypoints:  Ancient Mountain in Nopiming Provincial Park (must reach the end of the trail), Wood Falls in Manigotagan River Provincial Park, and Patricia Beach Provincial Park. Cyclists need all three waypoints, runners need two. Official start and finish is in Beausajour.

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