Authors note: Before I begin my report I need to say something. I have no idea how people like Hal, Peter, and others are part of the same species as me. The fact that they do this challenge in three days when I could barely finish in a week is almost impossible to comprehend.

Day one

Being a resident of Morden I was lucky in terms of packing and getting ready. The morning of June 24 I set out from my house, stopped in at Tims and set off south.

My route was created in an odd way, backward but doing checkpoint 1 on the first day then heading north, and while I certainly added KMs to my final tally I felt it was the smartest for myself. First off the climb in and out of the valley just north of the Pembina Valley checkpoint sucks. There is no other way to describe it because you are either grinding up the steep side or grinding up the long grueling other side. With first day fresh legs, I preferred to just get it out of the way instead of facing it on the last part of the last day.

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