This time around we need your help to build a challenge. How does this work? Well, the challenge is based on two parts, part one which is where you tell us about a ride you did in southeastern Manitoba, and and part two where you build your own challenge based on those contributions.

Here it is in more detail:

Part 1: Go out and explore the backroads, gravel roads, trails, and forest roads of southeastern Manitoba (including Ontario and Minnesota). This area includes anything east of Seven Sisters Falls, north  of Warroad Minnesota, south of Pinawa, and west of Kenora. Plan an adventure  and ride a course of your choosing, along the way find some points of interest. When you are done share it and make it part of the overall larger challenge.

Or, if you already have a favourite route in the area, along with some interesting points of interest, send that to us so we can start building the challenge table (see part 2).

Part 2: As soon as there enough waypoints collected a table will be posted with four columns listing the various waypoints. To actually ride or run Challenge #5 you will select a waypoint from each group in the table, you are creating your own challenge ride/run. Once you have your route selected declare your challenge and the waypoints you are including in your ride.We’ll also create a map that shows all the routes ridden to help you with selecting the back roads and trails you want to use on your ride. Upon completion of your ride/run submit your story and pictures.

Still confused? Look at the map above, each coloured line represents a “part 1” ride making for four completed rides. A table would be build based on the points of interests on the map, the coloured stars shown on the map. You would select four of those points to make your own Challenge #5 ride. Each coloured line also represents the route taken, this gives you idea of what roads or trails to take. Once you have your ride planned you let it be known in your declaration, from there on out it is the same as any other Challenge.

It may take some time to get enough “pre-rides” together to generate our table but I bet it does not take too long.

Go to Challenge #5 on the Challenge Pages to see more details