Summer Challenge 2014

The Challenge

Ride on non paved roads and trails from Neepawa to Rossburn and four waypoints in Riding Mountain Park and back to Neepawa

Getting ready to ride

Getting ready to ride

90 miles from nowhere

90 miles from nowhere

Into the dark

The way-points in the park are Deep Lake warden station.

Deep lake

Whitewater lake,

Whitewater Lake

Reaves Ravine

Reeves Ravine trail

East Gate

and the east gate of the Park.


Ian Dallas Me(Pete)

Ian and I planned on riding together Dallas jumped along as we left for Neepawa.


Schedules and stars aligned for August 15-17 2014


Fun, see part of Manitoba that I haven’t seen before, challenge myself.


Neepawa to Rossburn on the Trans Canada trail where passable, gravel roads to the Riding Mountain National park. Central trail through the park to Lake Audy then park roads and trail (beach) bushwack around Clear lake. Gravel road from Wasagami to the East Gate. To get to Reeves Ravine Trail we took a trail in from the bottom of the escarpment. East and south though Kelborn on dirt and gravel roads to Neepawa.


Meeting the other challengers Dan and Hal at Whitewater lake. The drop out of the Park to the East gate, who’d of thought there is a road with switchbacks in Manitoba.



Manitoba ain’t all flat we rode 380 km with a total ascent of 1304 meters.

High point

The Birdtail valley in Riding Mountain park is beautiful even seen though the haze of way too many miles on a bike.

Birdtail Valley

Birdtail Valley

You can’t trust a man on a horse to know what its a good surface for a bike.


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