Summer challenge 2013

20130802_183824 20130803_150902 Photo-2013-08-05-1.00.22-PM-1 Photo-2013-08-05-1.00.22-PM-32 Photo-2013-08-05-1.00.22-PM-27 Photo-2013-08-05-1.00.22-PM-81 Photo-2013-08-05-1.00.22-PM-76 Photo-2013-08-05-1.00.22-PM-67First of all I’d like to say that without the help of others an adventure like this would be a nightmare. Thank you Donna and Mr Newsom. You guys are the best.

Well the drive out to Virden was chatty, happy go lucky and dark. Everyone was unsure about what the next day would bring and that kinda made it more exciting than a standard event. Hal really offered something special with this challenge. Once we were there we got into the room and immediately prepared for an early assault on the gravel. I was to use my alarm to wake us up at 4:30 am and well, the rest is history. I think we woke up at around 6:30 -7 and we were ready in no time only to stop at Tims a few doors down for a quick coffee. So 1/2 an hour passed and we were finally on our way. That right there pretty much  set the tone for the whole adventure; casual, fun, chatty and food filled.

Over the next day we cruised thru towns, ate our faces off, judged dogs aggressiveness by there 0-60 mph when noticing us and had Pete “the jedi master” refine our route in small but positive ways. once we hit Treehern and had one final hot meal we turned on the lights and prepared to enjoy the good life. the stars were out, roads were great and aura borealis was spectacular. I also had visions of viking ships but I looked at it like a bonus and enjoyed their smooth sailing.

I’m not sure what time it was when we crashed in Brunkild. When i say crashed I mean lay out in a Vancouver island manner on the lawn of a church. 2.5 hours of comma sleep and we were quickly up and pedaling steady to a breakfast of champions in Niverville. Damn, Nivervilles Chicken Chef has an awesome breakfast and with that in mind we ate like pigs. The coffee flowed and trucker breakfast renewed our spirits and deluded us into thinking the rest of the ride was a walk in the park. At this point though the main zipper on my Ergon pack broke and with some doctoring we got it back to usability.

The next section to Richer was fast, chatty and filled with pop. Now we were at the infamous forestry road 29. The sandy , mud pit, rock infested fire road that tested the strength of cross bikes and showed us yet again that Pete is pretty freaking unstoppable on his recumbent. Yes he couldn’t ride some of the bogs but what he could ride was far beyond my bike handling skills on a bike like that. far, far beyond.

From here was fireguard road which was easier but required patience still because of its cross tire sucking sand. The vibes were at an all time high now since we were sure of a finish so we pretty much hammered the Hadashville / Prawda section and that was a great feeling after fighting the sand for the past few hours.

The last section was a short piece of gravel that led us to a huge Marmaduke dog that hit my rear wheel so hard it moved 4-6″ and had us a bit freaked out. After shaking off the encounter we hit the #308 and then #1. All I can say of the final stretch is that I’m glad our luck held out that long. It started raining fairly hard and we had a flat which is quite the ordeal on a recumbent compared to an upright. With that last repair we all cruised into the golf course to be met by the Queen of the weekend Donna who had treats, towels, a friendly smile and a ride home. 

I can honestly say that although I expected it to be fun it was way more fun than I thought it could be.the riding at my slow grinding pace was the easiest I have ever done for an ultra distance ride which was amazing to me. Thanks Pete, Dave and Ian for putting up with my motormouth. I owe ya.summer challange 1 pete summer challange 1 summer challange 7 summer challange 6 summer challange 5 summer challange 4 summer challange 1-3 pete summer challange 3 pete summer challange 2



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