What are YOU doing this summer?

muerto summer challenge 2013









Up for a challenge? We have something that you may be interested in trying, a little trans-Manitoba biking or running. Here is how it works (more details and rules coming):

  1. Bike from Virden to Falcon Lake or run from Falcon Lake to Winnipeg or the other way around if you like.
  2. You can only use gravel roads while traveling East or West
  3. You can use paved roads if your are going North/South in order to connect an East/West gravel road section
  4. You must document your ride or run and provide pictures and description of your adventure which will be put on the Operacion Muerto site – this is after all also a talking organization
  5. You can do this anytime between May 1 and August 31, pick your days and go. You just need to let us know that you are doing this so we can look forward to hearing about your adeventure
  6. The ride or run must be continuous, and a time limit will be set
  7. You only get one attempt at it
  8. A light version (Virden to Winnipeg by bike and Sandilands to Winnipeg running) is also on the menu

These are the basic rules, more detailed rules will be coming. We just wanted to get you to start thinking/dreaming about how you would tackle this little adventure.

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